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Tips and Tricks to Writing a Cover Letter

The Best Way to Write a Great Cover Letter

When you focus on crafting a great cover letter, you will have a template that you can customize to suit a specific advertised job and ensure your documents stand out. When composing a cover letter, remember that its purpose is to show an employer that you are interested in the advertised job position. And that you have the skills to help the company meets the set goals. If you are writing a cover letter for the first time, here are essential tips to make your document stand out.

Follow the Right Structure

Start with the applicant’s contact details, followed by your personal information. Next, add the subject, which is the position you are applying for, followed by salutations. Make the subject simple and clear, and the greetings appropriate.

Use the main body to give valid reasons on how the employer should hire you. This is also the section to show your core strengths related to the job description. Do not forget to include what you have to offer by showcasing your skills and achievements.

Listing all your key competencies in a bullet form is great for drawing the recruiter’s attention to specific information. Also, show the hiring manager that you are interested in the company by stating how you can help them meet their mission, goals, and even objectives. End the body by summarizing what you bring to the table. Then showcase your enthusiasm by stating how you are looking forward to a response.

Reread the Advertised Job

Your cover letter must have as many keywords as possible, the same as those given in the job description. That is why you must read the job advertisements, description, and responsibility at least twice and identify the phrases you will include in your cover letter. Let the hard and soft skills required by the employer match with those you have. Remember to include only those relevant to the skills you have.

Stick to One Page

Yes, you may have a lot of good things to tell the employer but try to convince them using information covered in a single A4 page. The employer should not have to turn another page or scroll to the second page to try and gauge whether you are the candidate they are looking for. Instead, use a legible font like Times New Roman and separate any paragraphs with single or double spacing. Overall, keep the cover letter short and simple to understand.

End With a Call to Action

The trick to writing a cover letter that is bold and stands out is to include a call to action that invites the recruiter to take the necessary step. This shows confidence as an applicant and motivates the hiring manger to react. Try not to sound bossy or rude. Instead, remind the employer to use your contact information to call you back to know more about what you offer. You can also state that you are looking forward to getting an interview call. This shows you are available to start the job. Finally, end writing a cover letter by removing any errors that might lower your content quality and make you look unprofessional.

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