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Tricks to Writing Cover Letter in 2020

Must Use Tricks for Writing a Great Cover Letter

Writing a quality cover letter is a time-consuming process which is disadvantageous for someone with a busy schedule. However, every job seeker must have one as it can work as a tool to convince a recruiter to see you as the perfect applicant.

But take note that an employer sees a lot of similar job applications. So what can you do to make a cover letter stands out and contain unique information that might be missing from the document of other applicants? Use these tips when writing a cover letter to ensure the flawless documents you are submitting boost your chances of receiving a response.

Pick Key Points from the Job Description

Did you know that successful cover letters that often cause the individuals to get hired are customized based on a specific job description? Many job seekers make the mistake of sending the same cover letter to all the advertised jobs, maybe because they do not have time to craft one.

This can make your documents to end up on the rejection list. So if you want to boost the chances of getting an interview call or response, take note of all the main points in a job description and even roles and responsibilities that a recruiter expects the hired person to do then tailor the cover letter in response to that job advertisement.

Have a Cover Letter Template

As aforementioned, you need a unique cover letter for every job. However, the process of writing from scratch is not ideal for everyone. That is why owning a cover letter template is essential for active job seekers. This ensures you have a well-written document that highlights all achievements, and experience.

All you need to do every time you wish to apply for work is to remove those less relevant to the advertised position, and you will end up with a successful cover letter. This strategy also saves time and prevents you from becoming exhausted. If you know you are not in a position to start writing a cover letter from scratch, consider seeking assistance from a professional cover letter writing service.

Add Relevant Keywords

Did you know that a cover letter can be rejected way before it reaches a recruiter's hand? How? Well, most companies use software programmed with specific keywords to divide the numerous applications. Only those with relevant keywords are accepted and moved on to the next hiring stage. So always include relevant keywords but ensure they sound natural.

The trick to incorporate keywords that are often quoted in that industry, career, or field. For instance, when applying for a freelance writer position, some of the crucial keywords to include would be optimization, SEO, content writing, and many others.

Take Time to Perfect a Cover Letter

Do not send out the document shortly after finishing the writing process. You might be surprised to find that it has errors that you overlooked. Presenting a flawed cover letter reflects poorly on you as it showcases unprofessionalism. So set a few days or even hours aside after writing and come back with a fresh pair of eyes.

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